2 hours with Marieme Jamme at Buni hub

Marieme Jamme from Africa Gathering was in Dar es Salaam in June 2014 to launch the Africa  Progress Panel report in Tanzania.


Marieme having one on one chat with entrepreneurs at the hub

As part of her four days visit in Dar es Salaam, Marieme spend her last day with the Buni hub community members sharing her life experience and inspire them to dream big and become African champions of success.

During the two hours session she held at the hub, Marieme started by explaining to us the importance of respect and the role it plays in someone’s life success. She explained to the hub members importance of respecting people especially those whom you don’t know who they are or what they do and what role they can play in your life. She explained by giving an example of life as a circle with full of dots and every person you meet in your life and treat them well is one step further in accomplishing your circle  (life’s mission), you can’t afford to miss a dot since you don’t want to have a circle with holes.

“You’re missing opportunities because you are putting obstacles on your way by judging people.” Marieme


Marieme explaining the VCP model

Marieme shared with the hub members what she call “The Passport of Success” the VCP model to the technology entrepreneurs and community members at the hub as their path towards success. In her VCP model which stands for Visibility, Credibility and Profitability, she was keen to explain to the community members why is it necessary for them to visible, credible and make profit to whatever they do. She said one of the challenges facing the tech hubs in Africa is profitability. It is the time users of tech hubs to start to think very hard on how they can run sustainable and successful businesses to generates profit as a return to the free facilities and resources they are given. She explains her fear of the future of the African tech hubs if this continues.

About visibility, she explained about the positive usage of social media pages and accounts to build your corporate identity. She told entrepreneurs at the hub that, they should use social media to showcase what they are doing and define themselves to the general public with their skills and abilities. She said people should know what you do and your level of competence if you want to have successful businesses and build credibility. What you post on social media, what you comment on forums, articles you wrote and your social media campaigns tend to bring in right people for you to work with and create more opportunities for yourself.

“Be yourself, after they know you, they will like you and then they will follow you. You have to create your own identity and let people understand what you are standing for.” Marieme

She insisted, African entrepreneurs have to work really hard and be very careful on how they manage their time. She encourage hub members to manage their time and frequently analyze themselves and their works, she wanted them to question  themselves questions like, what have I achieved so far ? or What should I do to go to the next stage ?

She also talked about the African entrepreneurs to focus on reducing destructions in their lives if they want to succeed, she advised them to stay focus and get things done with no excuses. She believes failing to deliver to the expectations is something facing most of the African tech entrepreneurs.

MariŽme Jamme - Africa Gathering & Dakar Dragons

Marieme Jamme

She explained about the concept of “The Pizza Base of Africa”, how Africa could share the opportunities available at the continent through collaboration and seizing the opportunities as they come.   She finished by telling the entrepreneurs the secrets of her success which is three things, discipline, consistency and determination and she wanted them to adopt this.  This was one of the great talks we have ever receive at the hub.

About Marieme: Mariéme Jamme is a Senegalese born-British businesswoman who runs a technology consultancy business in London. Her company, Spotone One Global Solutions, helps international technology companies selling enterprise software solutions to set a foothold in Africa, Middle East and Asia. Marieme is best known for her role in promoting technology, good governance, transparency and a better education standard in Africa.



One thought on “2 hours with Marieme Jamme at Buni hub

  1. Thank you for the post Jumanne. This is really insightful and inspirational not solely for tech entrepreneurs but almost for any business venture. It touches several important aspects of entrepreneurship that most of us ignore or take for granted.

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