Recap of the activities happened at Buni hub on June.


Brian kick starting the internship programme.

June has been the most active months at Buni hub with a lot of activities happening at the hub. To start with, the third batch of the Buni Internship Programme arrived to kick start the programme on 6th of June. We had more than 30 students from different colleges in and outside Dar es Salaam attending  the programme. The orientation session of the programme was a one day session to get to know each other and  brainstorm on the ideas that we are going to work on during the period of the programme. The session ended up by getting 13 ideas that were proposed by interns themselves to be tested if they worth our time and resources to work on.


Dr. Mshinda during the Africa Progress report discussion.

On 11th of June, Buni hub hosted Miss Marieme Jamme from Africa Gathering organization during the launching of the Africa Progress Panel Report in Tanzania. The brainstorming session of the report happened at Buni hub where by stakeholders from different public and private agencies took part in the discussion on how the report could help to improve the agriculture and fishery sector in Tanzania. The 2014 report of the Africa Progress Panel is focusing on the agriculture and fishery sector in Africa and its potential to empower and develop Africa. The brainstorming session attracted individuals from universities, ministries, researchers and companies looking to invest in agriculture and fishery sector.


Mr. Bola Garbadeen speaking to the audience during the session.

On 26th of June, Buni hub in collaboration with Mara Foundation hosted Mr. Bola Garbadeen, African financial inclusion expert who was talking about entrepreneurship and funding opportunities for start-ups in Tanzania. Mr. Bola Garbadeen was using his experience on working in the banking industry to equip the start-ups owners with skills required for them to acquire funds from banks and venture capitalists. The two hours session attracted a lot questions and inputs from the audience mainly entrepreneurs who attended the session.


Volunteer teaching secondary students basic web languages.

It was a great month for secondary school children who are passionate in technology when Tigo and “Reach for Change” funded initiative “Apps and Girls” conducted a full day training for over 80 secondary school girls at Buni hub. The session was more about introducing them in basic coding and motivate them to develop interests in ICT. Ten volunteers from “Apps and Girls” facilitated the session. The session was covered with media houses in Tanzania as one of the few event organized to target girls in ICT in Tanzania. TANZICT project funded the lunch and drinks for the event.

We had couple of other events happening at the hub including;  Kick starting The Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) awareness session with DTBI and individuals from DFID who explained in details about the conditions for the people who wants to apply for the fund. We had several volunteers conducting sessions at the hub including “First track training on Github” which was conducted by Michael Benedict an expert on platforms development as part of him giving back to the Buni community.


Marieme conducting her session.

Marieme Jamme from Africa Gathering conducted a session “Visibility, Credibility and Profitability” for entrepreneurs at the hub explaining how they can make themselves visible on the market so that they build their credibility and make themselves profitable. She touched different  problems facing tech entrepreneurs in Africa and how collaboratively we can overcome them.

Buni hub also co-organized two activities with DTBi; the Demo Africa innovation tour session and launching of the documentary which speaks about modern entrepreneurship methods using the case study of Silicon Valley. The movie was watched at the hub with  the community members and later on shared their experience by relating what is happening in Silicon Valley with the local start-up ecosystem.


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