New entrepreneurs community to start at Buni hub.

img_8993In an effort to build a strong entrepreneurs community, Buni hub is establishing the activity called “ Co-Founders Desk”.  Co-founders desk will be an avenue for individuals with technology Start-ups or aiming at establishing technology start-ups meet and share experience and opportunities. Recently there have been a lot of opportunities coming to Buni that targets local technology entrepreneurs as a group and not individuals. The aim of the Co-founders desk is to tackle and exploit those opportunities.

Co-founder, a person who, in conjunction with one or two other individuals, is instrumental in starting a business, charity or some other enterprise. Each person involved in the creation of the entity is considered a co-founder.

The first meetup of the co-founders desk will be on Saturday 30th of August 2014 and the main agenda will be getting to know each other and putting strategies for our newly formed community. The activity will be from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, the activity will be open for individuals who owns start-up companies or aspiring to start one very soon. It is highly encouraged for entrepreneurs at Buni hub to attend although the invitation is extended to all technology entrepreneurs. For more details about the event you can send an email to or call +255 716 217621.


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