Internship final presentations, 29th Aug @2pm – buni hub

The Internship Programme that started on the 8th July 2014, is ending on the 29th August, with a final presentation of the learning’s and the applications that have been developed through the programe.

Audience: Everyone is welcomed to hear on what the interns have learned and what applications have been developed

Date and Time: Friday 29th August, 2pm – 4pm

Summary of the Applications Developed

1. Visualization of Public Data.

Currently most public data are in form of numerical statistics which can be hard to analyze, predict and to make a reliable decision from, hence the motive of the creation of the Visualization of public data web application project to solve this problem. The application has compiled and visualized most demanded and used public data using effective graphs and charts. Currently the application has compiled and visualized health and diseases statistics like HIV, and has the expectation of widening this scope to cover education, finance research reviews, government budget, student results and other most demanded public data.

2. Kwetu TalenT.

Kwetu TalenT is a website project which will bringing together different talents and broadcasting them to the public for recognition. Currently the website has a collection of art, music, and sports talents with the aim of also increasing other talents like successful business skills and others. The customers for this website will be everyone with a talent and can show it to the public, and the companies looking for talents.

3. Vipi Huduma.

Vipi Huduma is a web application project developed with the complaints and complements platform used to collect complains and complements from customers about different companies, firms or institutions and their services and products. The companies that will be registered in this application will be able to respond directly to their customer’s complaints and complements. The main clients of this web application will be all the governmental and Non-governmental organizations rendering social services or selling products to the public.

4. Soka

We have seen many mobile application spreading information on world football like Goal and Live Scores. Most of these applications don’t have enough information on the Tanzanian football, hence the motive for the development of Soka mobile application project that has focused on spreading information on the home (Tanzanian) football leagues. Its main attention is on the Vodacom premium league but also all other football matches played by Tanzanian football teams with teams from other countries. The information displayed will be based on transfer news, match fixtures, live updates and league, team and players statistics. For all Tanzania patriots, funs of home football this is for you stay tuned COMING SOON.

5. Kilimo Info.

Since there have been a great demand of agricultural information, Kilimo Info web application is developed to spread most information concerning agriculture in Tanzania. This web application is will help the farmers, investors the government and anyone else looking for information concerning agriculture. The application will give easily accessible information, so far in a scope of region wise like the main crops grown, soil specifications, and  weather information

6. Afya App

AfyaApp is a mobile application that provides information of different diseases, and especially disease outbreaks, and preventive measure on those diseases. Simple first aid information is also provided. The Application, addresses the need to have reliable and easily accessible disease information


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