Recap of activities happening at Buni hub between August and September 2014


New interns batch at Buni hub listening to fellow intern presentation.

August started with Richard Njau, Google Plus and YouTube enabler from Nairobi , Kenya visiting the hub and offer talk about online contents and its potential to African digital entrepreneurs and musicians. The 2 hours event from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm covered different opportunities on social media sites and digital contents.

Richard spoke about how we could maximize the internet potential in Tanzania through content creation, content distribution and content promotion. He touched on inspiration content, education content and positive entertainment contents.

From 1st – 5th of August we had a five days workshop on SQL server conducted by volunteer trainer Habib Hassan who covered different features of  SQL server. The training was conducted in the evening between 12:00 pm and 8:00 pm. The audience involved in the training included hub members and stakeholders from outside the hub who were looking to equip themselves with skills and advanced techniques  in SQL server.

Another volunteer trainer who is also a graduate of Buni Internship Programme, Amani Ghachocha  conducted  a training on MVC  framework for developers who are working at the hub. Model-View-Controller is the software architectural pattern for implementing user interfaces. The techniques is used by developers when developing the system while considering user requirements by splitting the system in three interconnected parts. The training was from 9:00 am to 11:00 am on Monday 4th of August.


Libery Deogratius before the session start.

On  August 15th, volunteer trainer, Libery Deogratius offered a training on Ethical Hacking. He covered different aspects of cyber-security and how people can protect themselves from cyber attacks. He also explained about different tricks used by cybercriminals  while launching attacks to the systems. He also talked about the vulnerability of content management systems and why they should not be used to create websites with sensitive information especially with government agencies and financial institutions. The training started at 11:00 am and lasted for few hours.


Thomson Schoemaecker General Manager, Squad Digital looking on designer’s work.

On 6th September Buni hosted African leading advertising agencies Squad Digital and SCANAD at the hub who were conducting a challenge on graphics designing to the graphic designers of the hub. The 3  winners of the challenge got an opportunity to be employed and receive contract with these companies. One of the winner Musa Kalokola is a student of Mzumbe University, he could not commit to work with the company due to college  time table but he has received an opportunity to do internship with the company.


Nfrnds at Buni hub.

On 11th and 12th September we had two days  innovation workshop organized by Nfrnds, organization from Israel that works in fostering innovation in developing countries. The event was sponsored by Tigo Tanzania. From the event attendees got opportunity to work on different business ideas using new tools for business innovation and development.


Villan presenting the Android version of the “USIDUMAE” app.

On 19th September, interns of the Buni internship program showcased their initial prototypes of the products that they are developing. The interns are currently developing two application and one electronic product. The electronic product is the water level detection system using arduino and sensors and the two products includes; “Usidumae” android and USSD app that gives details about maternal health, eating habits (diets) and proper parenting for local women and “Dodoso” and application which help researchers to collect information using feature phones.


Michael soon after being interviewed by Karsten (Photo courtesy of Karsten)

On 23rd September, We had a visitor from Germany, Karsten Kaminski who is a journalist. Karsten covered story of Buni hub. He talked with entrepreneurs and developers at the hub and interview the students from Buni internship program. Karsten spent the all day at Buni hub and in the evening he was able to conduct interview with Carolyne Ekarisima founder of “Apps and Girls” on the role of Apps and Girls in encouraging young women participation in the ICT sector.

On 24th September, Buni hub and Mara Foundation Tanzania organized a talk about opportunities for local SME’s to exploit from Foreign Direct Investments in Tanzania. The talk was given by Jean Van Wetter country director VSO Tanzania. Jean spokes about how SME’s can win contract from foreign investors.


Make Fellows session at Buni Hub

On 27th September, it was another session of “make fellows” whereby individuals interested with building electronics products meet and develop their skills. This Saturday Victor and Jackie again they were with the teams helping them to build the prototype ready for testing next week.


Audience during the talk organized by Mara foundation and Buni hub.

Some of the opportunities that came from the hub and its partners between August and September includes; Youth Entrepreneurship Program, the program is conducted by University of Dar es Salaam Entrepreneurship Centre (UDEC) in relationship with Buni. There was scholarships for Tanzanian students from EABL foundation for students from underprivileged communities.

In September also there was an opportunity to study distance learning course from Stanford University that was organized with co-founders of the leading technology companies in Silicon Valley. The course is about how to start successful startup company and the window for registration is still open. There was an opportunity for African researchers from Google Africa to get funded on their research and the window for the innovation prize for Africa is still open for local innovators to apply.


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