Introduction to 3D printing session at Buni hub


Jackie calibrating the printer.

This Wednesday 29th October at Buni Hub, Jackie, Buni mentor on electronics projects will be facilitating a session on hands on experience on how to use and operate the 3D printer. 3D printing is among the latest technologies in the manufacturing industry. Be among the first few Tanzanians to learn about this new cool technology at Buni Hub, COSTECH building ground floor, Sayansi, Kijitonyama. The event will start from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm in the afternoon. Jackie will cover the following things during the session.

General concept of the 3D printer and how it works.
3D designer software installation.
Setting up of the 3D printer and assembling the tools.
Calibrating the 3D printer before printing.
How to print ready designed 3D objects.

During the session we will discuss the potential of the technology and what it means to have technology like this in Tanzania. Participant attending the session will be given tasks in teams to think about possible projects that could emerge from the 3D printing technology. The event is free and open for anyone to attend. Come and let’s have fun and learn new technologies. Confirm your attendance by filling this quick form.


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