Opportunity to become  digital media intern at Buni hub


Ready to cover cool Start-up stories.

Buni hub is looking for two young energetic Tanzanian youths to be digital media interns at Buni hub. A lot of cool activities have been happening at the hub and the hub is looking for someone who can film and record those activities, edit the videos, insert captions and share them on video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. The intern will work as a digital media production expert. The opportunity is open for technology and journalism students or anyone with the required skills with a proven record. Advantages of being Buni digital media intern includes;

Learning to work in a competitive environment.
Opportunity to establish your own media start-up.
Meeting with possible co-founders.
Developing your career as a digital media expert.
Creative story to cover as a junior journalist.
Opportunity to be mentored by experts.
Using Buni tools to do your work.

The selected candidate will be working under the hub managers and they will be required to be present to record events and activities happening at Buni hub (not necessarily every day). If you are interested to develop your career as a digital media expert fill in this simple form before 10th November 2014. Successful candidate will be contacted. Ladies are encouraged to apply.



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