First Team Entrepreneurship Coach Training Program of Africa launched in Tanzania  

On the morning of the 15th of October, 2014, 19 excited professionals around Tanzania gathered for the first time to learn together about team entrepreneurship and how to coach team entrepreneurs. This was the start of an eight months process that will go on until April 2015 which consists in total four 3 day modules.

You can see the  picture gallery at TANZICT Flickr at

The idea behind this training program is to train people from various universities and their business incubators, as well as people from private and public business incubators to learn about Finnish team entrepreneurship model developed at Tiimiakatemia, Jyväskylä, Finland. We found this training program important in order to train people to understand the process how team entrepreneurs are being born and created out of ordinary people, as well as learn tools and methods to support this process. This is a pioneering program as it is the first time in the whole Africa that this Tiimiakatemia model of creating team entrepreneurs is introduced and trained at this extent and level.

We indeed have a good mix of people ready to learn from each other. There are people from all age groups and evenly men and women. People who come from afar, and people who didn’t have to travel so much to reach Kipepeo Beach. People who have plenty of experience from sciences or business, and also one lawyer to mix up the soup. This is a very good for the program, because our learning model includes very little lecturing, and a lot of dialogue. And dialogue has much more potential when we have diverse group of people together – as we luckily do. The dialogue is based on the life and working experience of people, as well as the books they read and new experiments the participants will do during the training program. Actually, the idea is to create new empirical knowledge among the participants, rather than just learning old information from the lecturer. We also aim to develop participants skills in team coaching, facilitation and dealing with the uncertainty usually present in entrepreneurial and creative processes.

Big part of learning process for each participant during the program are these different pilots, concepts and tests that they are implementing between the modules. In the modules (there will be four in total) of 48hrs participants have dialogue and workshops about their own challenges, organizational goals and thoughts about the community around. You can only change yourself and the surrounding communities through your own actions. After two days of thinking together participants will then crystallize their next steps for upcoming months that will be again touched in the next module.

The first module of the program was successful and that creates us nice pressure to make the second module even better.  Have a look at the pictures below to see and feel a little bit of the experience we shared. The next time we meet up in early December, and we are very excited to hear what kind of experiments people have done based on the ideas created on the first module. Because in the end, it is the actions we take that define and create the future we will live in.

Blog post by Ville Keränen


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