It’s the final countdown!

As you all may know, TANZICT is a project and as such is not meant to be around for ever. TANZICT started August 1st, 2011 and it is scheduled to end July 31st, 2015, about 9 months from today.

In the TANZICT project office, that means that we have been thinking about wrapping up and what it means to our partners. Naturally we hope that the things we have jointly done will continue to add value to Tanzania, and that our partners will be able to carry on using the knowledge they have gained through our collaboration. For many of the activities our partners have started through our collaboration, they have to find a sustainable way of carrying on beyond TANZICT.

We also have specific things related to the end of project we need to do. We are planning an event to highlight and celebrate the activities of our partners, and a publication to record and share some of them with the world. Naturally we also have to do formal end report and financial reporting to our funders.

Finland and Tanzania are also jointly looking at creating a “TANZICT 2” project, a new program which will work with the same themes: Innovation, information society, entrepreneurship, etc. There will be a expert group coming to Tanzania to interview some of our partners and stakeholders and to give recommendations on what the new project should do. It won’t be entirely the same content and structure, but probably some of the activities will be similar to this project, and some will be new.

In the coming months we will publish blog posts related to the end-of-project activities, while continuing to talk about ongoing events and processes. As always, you are welcome to tell us your thoughts.


One thought on “It’s the final countdown!

  1. Dear Kristiina,

    TANZICT has contributed so much to the development of ICT innovations in Tanzania. The College of Business Education (CBE) would like to congratulate you in all your efforts in achieving this commendable work you have done to our people.

    CBE would like to be amongst those you will interview during your initiatives in establishing TANZICT-2.

    Regards to all.

    Dr. Abbi Nangawe

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