Ladies in ICT hookup session at Buni Hub

entrepreneurs1Why-Not Women  in collaboration with Apps & Girls are organizing  meet up session at Buni Hub. Why Not Women has been organizing these kind of meetups in different countries and now they are in Dar es Salaam.  The event will take place on Tuesday 18th from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm at Buni hub, COSTECH building ground floor, Sayansi, Kjitonyama. The selected challenge for Dar es Salaam is how to change parents’ mentalities about ICT courses for their girls.

The event is targeting students and young professional. Hub members are encouraged to attend the meetup session. Your thoughts are welcomed. The event is free and open for anyone to attend.Why not women  has been working with  a student organisation called MakeSense as one of their partners. MakeSense has developed a methodology of creative brainstorming that would help social entrepreneurs solve their business challenges. Students would gather and provide ideas and solutions to solve a very concrete problems in a creative way.The event will expose people to know more about the social businesses around them. This will be great opportunity for social entrepreneurs and start-ups to learn new tools.

Why-Not Women started as a student project to support and promote women social entrepreneurship around the word. The objectives are two-fold : help the social enterprise grow and inspire people with great change makers’ stories. They have set up 6 missions with 6 social entrepreneurs in Africa (Burkina and Tanzania) and Asia (Nepal, India, Philippines, Indonesia). They provide business solutions to the entrepreneurs by building with them the essential tools (financial and communication mainly) they need. 

You can follow them on Facebook. And have a look on their  blog !

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