SLUSH – My true life opportunity

It has been a wonderful experience to participate at SLUSH event in Helsinki Finland this year, we met international investors, executives and accelerators, and they opened my eyes to the new ways of thinking. I got a chance to network with people from other African countries and Europe, I saw how the other part of the world is doing things especially with technology, and real they are moving, moving and moving. I saw how technology has transformed life in Finland.

Among things I learnt concerning startups is that people do not wait for the Government support to push them up to start implementing their ideas, rather they start on their own and external support will find them while they are on the move already. Startups in Finland and other European countries seem to operate in a very strong Ecosystem which prepares them to scale easily to the global market in terms of operation and investment.

I believe there are so many people with bright ideas here at home but the problem with most of us is lack of confidence to start without cash on hand. A network of right people is more important than cash at early stages of idea or business growth, cash will come from people you have already in your network, that’s why SLUSH was formed to widen chances of networking.

I hope everyone now is celebrating personal improvement attained from SLUSH, but this could mean a lot if we are willing and committed to share with our fellow guys. We have to join hands together and see how we can bring together hubs, universities, incubators, private and public sectors to create an ecosystem that will provide chances for many entrepreneurs and startups to meet right people and grow their networks.

For sure, the battle ahead is very big and challenging, to fill the gap we need not only to be committed and hard workers but also very creative and innovative. We need a “SLUSH-like” conference in Tanzania for our startups to have big impact in the home society and the global.

The time is now, let’s decide and draw the map.

Abdul Bashiri,


Bashicom Enterprises Ltd

10610676_10202487881033300_8915494436710791932_nAbdul Bashiri (third from left) enjoying snow with Rene Petersen Parker (RLabs), Johnpaul Barretto (Kinu) and Godfrey Magila (Magilatech).


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