Recap of activities happening at Buni hub between October and November 2014

October started with the awarding ceremony for the innovation fund. The event occurred on 2nd of October. Winners of this batch of the innovation fund were gathered at Buni hub together with stakeholders from  different public and private sector organization witnessing the occasion. TANZICT project through the innovation fund initiative, it has been funding ideas and early stage startups in Tanzania to boost them to the next level.


Team Kipepeo presenting their prototype.

On 15th of October, the orientation session and module 1 of the team entrepreneurship coaching session started. The programme is being coordinated with TANZICT project and an expert from Finland Ville Keranen. The training took place at Kipepeo Beach and it was facilitated by Ville and Iiro Kolehmainen.  Over 15 people from different organization from public and private sector attended the session. The session is a part of a complete four modules programme. The aim of the programme is to equip the stakeholders with skills and knowledge required to run and supervise team entrepreneurship programmes at their organizations. Stakeholders were coming from universities, technology hubs, entrepreneurship centers and living labs.


Printing om progress.

On 29th of October, Introduction to 3D printing session was conducted at the hub. The session was facilitated by miss Jacqueline Dismas one of the mentors of the “make fellows” community at the hub.  The training involve introducing people to 3D printing technologies; assembling, calibration and operation of the 3D printer. From the session Jacqueline introduce the audience to the software required to operate the 3D printer as well as on how to setup the 3D printer and get the required output.

On November 4th Buni hub was honored to host Unreasonable East Africa CEO, Mr. Joachim Ewechu who visited Buni for an info session about Unreasonable East Africa Programme and the benefit that Startups from Tanzania can get by participating in the programme. The info session lasted for few hours and people got opportunity to interact and ask questions about the programme. The Unreasonable East Africa Institute gives an “unreasonable advantage” to entrepreneurs creating solutions to the East Africa’s biggest social and environmental problems.

demolaOn 10th of November we hosted an expert from the Demola team. The expert shared the concept of Demola with the community members and stakeholders from the technology and business ecosystem in Tanzania. We had stakeholders from different public and private sector listening to the concept and how it works before start to brainstorm on whether the concept can work in Tanzania or not. It was a very interesting discussion and the attendees learned a lot from the session.



Networking after the Ampion tour info session.

Ampion East Africa Tour kickoff event in Dar, On 15th of November we hosted the Ampion startup bus, the bus that was moving all over major cities in East Africa including; Dar es Salaam, Kampala, Nairobi and Kigali, creating startup teams and provide them with the skills and knowledge needed to run successive business while receiving mentoring and support from the team of experts who were travelling with them in the bus. The trip started in Dar es Salaam at Buni hub where the teams gathered together and startup experts from different parts of the world shared their experience with the team before travelling to Nairobi on the next day.

10429389_10152410889267027_2048427881280898667_nOn 17th of November startups and members of Buni hub arrived to the Slush event in Finland. Community manager, Brian Paul and some few startups from Dar es Salaam attended the largest technology event in Europe. They did get the chance to present what is happening in Tanzania and share their experience as start-ups coming from East Africa.

On November 18th, BUNI welcomed its very first hold up session organized by organization called “Why Not Women” to solve a challenge for Apps & Girls, a Tanzania-based social enterprise. A hold up, is a creative brainstorming session that would gather social entrepreneurs and students during a 2 hours-session in order to provide free creative business solutions for a social business. The methodology has been implemented by a French organisation called MakeSense.


Brainstorming during the session.

During the hold up, more than 15 young creative people met at BUNI to help Apps & Girls change parents’ mentalities about ICT trainings for their daughters. Apps&Girls  is a social organisation based in Dar Es Salaam that provides free ICT courses to 10-18 years old girls. With Apps & Girls, Carolyne Ekyarisiima contributes to bridge the gender gap in ICT in Tanzania, and empower young girls with excellent and valuable skills.

Finally on 26th of November we had an info session of  “Intel app challenge”. Buni hub is already doing good on the challenge with over 30 mobile apps from the hub being submitted to the challenge and we are looking forward for impressive results.


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