Relaxed learning event with serial entrepreneur Miika Perä


Entrepreneurs of Iringa Team Academy and the members of Rlabs Iringa were lucky to have a young and successful entrepreneur visiting Iringa on Saturday 10th of January. Mr. Miika Perä shared an inspiring story about building your own company as a young and passionate entrepreneur while you are still studying.

Mr. Miika Perä is a growth oriented start-up entrepreneur from Finland. He is one of the co-founders of JaloHelsinki, a smoke alarm company which he started with his partners from a scratch. The key of their product is a nice looking design, which is really rare in a smoke alarm business. Special attention has been paid on usability too. So far, they have sold more than 300 000 smoke alarms. Mr. Perä is also a co-founder of Ambronite “The world’s first drinkable meal that fulfills the daily nutrition recommendations”. Ambronite is created for the busy people who have no time for cooking during the day, but who are still willing to take care of their health. All the ingredients of Ambronite are 100% natural.

The participants of the conversational event found the stories really interesting and inspiring. They also got some new ideas for their future projects. Especially the entrepreneurs of Iringa Team Academy felt it really encouraging to hear how young Miika was when he started his first business. He confirmed that to be the best time, because when you are young, you are only responsible of yourself and you have all your time to make your dreams come true. Another great idea from Miika was to turn the frustration about something into a business. That is how it worked with Ambronite.


Miika shows how to use Ambronite.

Teampreneurs were impressed about the patience that Miika had to be ready to wait more than 1000 days from getting the idea to the point when you actually have the products in the shops. The idea to invite professionals to help you, when you don’t have the skills needed, was a great way to open your mind. The audience also realized that there is always a way to do things and get needed expertise – even with a low budget. The participants were really excited to taste Ambronite and see how unique the product is. That made them think what could be the markets for a similar thing here in Africa. On that point you could already feel some new business ideas in the air!

Read more about the companies from and

Writer Sisko Mäkinen, Junior Expert working in Iringa Team Academy January – March 2015.

Photo credit: Mika Laaksonen.


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