Pre-Incubation and Technology Transfer Training for Universities and SIDO started

Last week 9-12.2. training for Tanzanian universities and SIDO was held in Buni. Altogether 13 participants from CBE, DIT, MUST, NM-AIST, SUZA, UB, UI and SIDO were chosen for the training and joined first module of trainings. Also, one day training for government officials was organized 13.2. for participants from Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology, Tanzania Private Sector Foundation, Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Confederation of Tanzania Industries, COSTECH, SIDO and Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture.

University and SIDO participantsUniversity and SIDO participants having a group photo after the training with the trainer Marko Sorri and Teemu Seppälä.

Few words from the trainer Mr. Marko Sorri:

It has been a truly interesting and intensive week for me here in Tanzania working with TANZICT staff members and university representatives. We had three day training for the local university contacts who are involved to incubation activities. The idea is to bring some examples of successful programs, practical tools and developed work methods from Finnish Innovation Ecosystem to be localized here.

In addition to the knowledge and experience sharing, we do learning-by-doing as we have agreed to start to collect the identified business ideas from each university. Then on weekly basis we aim to create some proposals for each business ideas to take the next step and also to leverage the toolkit of each business coach involved for this program. It was really interesting to interact with these people during the training and I personally learned a lot of the local circumstances.

We had also a nice opportunity to hear three local startup pitches (Soka, Jamaa Technologies / Kweebo and Guumzo), which will travel this week to Nairobi to participate on AITEC East Africa. Coachable teams who are willing to work hard, expose to different kind of tests & events and do have commitment to execute the business plan will be champions. Good luck on this journey!

On Thursday we organized a workshop with the local organizations and ministries, which do have a vital role on the Innovation Eco System. Initiated projects should be connected and create understanding how all the stakeholders are able to provide support for the innovation system. Efficient incubation programs can gain great results, but it takes time, commitment and co-operation.

Thank you very much for all of the great people at TANZICT organization. You are doing great job! I’m looking forward to interact with the universities and their representatives during the next couple of months over the video sessions. I’ll be back on May and hopefully we can then meet with you!

Asante, kwaheri


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