Reflections of the Innovation Spaces Workshop

On 30th and 31st March 2015, TANZICT along with one of the first
innovation hubs in Tanzania, Buni Hub, hosted an Innovation Spaces
Workshop which brought together over 25 participants from other
potentially blossoming innovation hubs targeted for Iringa, Zanzibar and
Mbeya in 2015.

The two-day workshop was intended to share the
experiences for various institutions including Hypercube in Zimbabwe.
Hypercube is an innovation hub that is dedicated to fostering the role of
Technology in the sustainable growth and development of Zimbabwe.

WP_20150331_13_57_17_ProInnovation Space workshop, University of Iringa student Jocelyne Msigwa presenting their plans.

There are certain similarities between Hypercube and Buni Hub such as
the need to build the local ecosystems by way of community events, boot
camps and workshops. Hypercube hosted over 10 events in 2014 which
attracted more than 500 people to its events. The very first Startup Grind
was hosted at Hypercube on 25th February 2015. It was great to see that
Buni Hub also hosted its first Startup Grind on 31st March, 2015. Events
play a critical role in building tech communities.

There are however differences between Hypercube and Buni. In a recent
blog written by Tayo Akinyemi of Afrilabs, she touches on the 11 key
lessons for innovation hubs in Africa. One of the key lessons relevant to
Buni and Hypercube is the realisation that one size does not fit all.

Buni has two particularly interesting programmes that build capacity and skills
development for university students, and the Buni Mini Fab Lab, which
promotes the maker culture among young entrepreneurs in Tanzania.
Hypercube on the other hand, has strategically focused on being a coworking
space and also houses several young startups and companies that
work out of Hypercube’s innovation space. In the case of Zimbabwe,
another innovation hub called Muzinda Hub focuses specifically of
building capacity for digital skills in Zimbabwe.
WP_20150330_10_56_17_ProMr. Munyaradzi Chiura sharing Hybercube’s lessons learnt.

Munya Chiura is a highly experienced Global Technology Executive
who has had success in a variety of highly competitive, cutting-edge
markets, and fast-paced industries including, ICT, Financial Services,
Human Resources, Telecom, Healthcare, Venture Capital and Private
Equity. He is a co-founder of Hypercube. Hypercube is an innovation hub
that is dedicated to fostering the role of Technology in the sustainable
growth and development of Zimbabwe. Follow Munya Chiura on Twitter

Buni Hub @bunihub
Brian Paul Mnyampi @brompo
Tayo Akinyemi @Tayo_Akinyemi @AfriLabs
Muzinda Hub @MuzindaHub
Hypercube @HypercubeHub


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