Start with Why – Developing Universities’ Innovation Ecosystem

Just like Simon Sinek has been preaching and encourage all the startups to ask why should they exist, why should they create successful business? After clarifying the main mission it is simpler to determine what and how. During last months I have personally learned why business incubation program can make a difference in Tanzania. An efficient innovation ecosystem consists of several parts and layers. University based technology transfer and pre-incubation is a vital part of it.

2015-05-14 12.14.46

Director Hassan Mshinda, COSTECH, and participants following Marko Sorri’s module about business planning.

The participants from 7 universities and SIDO showed real commitment during the training sessions and will certainly be the drivers to make the difference. TANZICT can support and create learning opportunities, but at the end, the incubation managers will implement the programs and gain the results. There is a lot work to be done, but I’m positive that there will be real progress with the most active participants in the near future. I was pleased to learn that the support from the government exists and initiatives to create the innovation ecosystem in Tanzania will be launched.

After the training I received few messages indicating that the participants will form a group to continue the collaboration. This is absolutely a great step. A lot of things can be done together, like common tools, templates, working methods, etc. These institutions can have common events and programs to promote entrepreneurship and strengthen the collaboration with different stakeholders. Hopefully next phase of TANZICT can leverage these activities.

Thank you all for the co-operation and learning opportunities during this short term consultancy. I hope to continue with all of you in the future.

Best Regards,

Marko (coach for technology transfer and pre-incubation program)

2015-05-14 14.51.44Happy participants after working for 3 months and participating two workshops.


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