Taster of learning revolution in Tanzania – blog post by Nina Jussila

Nina had two days with teams PEAK and TAYC. Photo courtesy of Nina Jussila

Nina Jussila is writing in her blog about late visit to University of Iringa and their Team Academy unit operating under the Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She was very impressed on how fast the UoI´s new program has been able to find its way.

“This had been their first year to run the Team Academy, so the teampreneurs had started just eight months ago, but even in that short time, they had been able to create a real Team Academy atmosphere in there and the place felt so homely right away.”

Nina is a graduate of Team Academy Finland that is operating under JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä. She has also completed coach training program and is currently working in Northumbria University at the UK by helping them to run a similar program as in Iringa and in Finland. Team Academy model is very much focused on practical skills and competences needed in business life by using “learning-by-doing” approach. Students operate as entrepreneurs with real life customer and run their own projects during the studies.

“That is so weird feeling when you travel to the other side of the world, but when there is something like Team Academy which connects you so strongly it feels like you almost know the people already.”

In Iringa Nina had a chance to meet the first team entrepreneurs (teampreneurs) of Africa for two days and share some of her experiences with them. Nina encouraged the teams to find their own favorite projects and work together with Team Academy´s international network to reach their goals.

“Others follow the paths which already exist, but teampreneurs know how to create their own paths.”

You can read Nina´s full post from her blog.


2 thoughts on “Taster of learning revolution in Tanzania – blog post by Nina Jussila

  1. Nina’s story is very interesting, it real connects teampreneurs worldwide! It reflects practical orientation in real life which mostly affect university graduates on how to integrate theory to practical. I hope MUST has all potentials to adopt this team academy, I thank UoI team academy for initiating cooperation with MUST, thank you all!

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