Participants for SLUSH selected!

TANZICT and HDIF would like to say big thank you for all of you who participated in the SLUSH -pitching session on this weeks Monday (14th of October). It was great to see so many good pitches in BuniHub!

Modesta Joseph from Our Cries was the youngest participant to give her pitch followed by big applauds.

Modesta Joseph from Our Cries was the youngest participant to give her pitch followed by big applauds.

Competition was tough
and the jury had to think hard for the selections. We have been contacting all participants over the week and informing them about their application status. As you might know, we have limited resources to select participants for these trips. If you were not chosen to the SLUSH delegation this time, and If you have funds of your own and you want to join the delegation, kindly contact Mr. Teemu Seppälä as soon as possible.

Here is the list
of applicants, who were selected to take part in SLUSH 2015:
Doreen Kessy, Ubongo Kids
Faraja Nyalandu, Shule Direct
Naeem Mawji, Jamii Power
Catherinerose Barretto, KINUvation KINU Innovation Hub
Ruth Lukwaro, Gongali Model Co.Ltd
Godfrey Magila, Magilatech Company
Deborah Tien, AISE Tanzania
Hyasintha Ntuyeko, Kasole Secrets
Victor Mnyawami, Tango TV
Rose Funja, AgrInfo
Collin Gumbu, Dtbi-incubator
Modesta Joseph, Ourcries
Vick John Vigero, Mbeya Living Lab
Herieth Rogath, Mbeya University of Science and Technology

As a common feedback for all pitches:
all were confident and able to tell their stories in understandable way. Also practicing on Monday morning showed a difference. Something that you should consider to make your deck better: do not put too much text per slide, just a couple of sentences at maximum highlighting your most important message for each slide. Tell your story, do not read your slides. Continue your venture and pitch always.

Last put not least, congratulations: you gave your pitch at the front of a public audience, you can be proud of yourself!


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