SLUSH learnings: How to travel by Basil, Buni

2015-11-23 10.32.25-1

Basil sharing his views from SLUSH on a commuity session 23rd Nov.

★ Travel with goals. Always set travel goals you can achieve, do not be too ambitious. Expect the best settle for nothing less.

★ Passport and visa. Make sure you prepare all your documents at least one week before travel. The process of getting a visa especially to the Schengen region can sometimes be tedious and frustrating.

★ Secure meeting appointments early. Schedule your meetings and appointments in advance, navigating through new cities trying to locate your meeting points can be hectic.

★ Health Insurance. It is a preliminary requirement by most embassies that you must posses a travel visa before leaving for your designated country.

★ Flight ticket. Secure earlybird flight tickets months prior to your travel to avoid paying more.

★ Accommodation. Always book an hotel prior before travelling, you will always be asked where you plan to stay while in a foreign country by the immigration officials. If travelling in a group, consider renting an apartment that is where Airbnb comes to play.

★ Maintenance money. Always budget for enough maintenance money when visiting foreign countries, some cities can be pretty expensive to get cheap quality basic needs.

★ Event ticket and business cards. If attending events, conferences etc. always purchase/secure your event ticket at least the day before the event. Your business cards should always be ready at all times, they are always conversation starters.

★ Culture shock. Be ready for a reverse culture shock while visiting cultured communities, always know the basic ‘do’s & dont’s’ of new cultures.

★ Convenient travel bag. Carry what you need not what you want. This way you end up carrying just enough baggage you require for your travel.

★ Social media updates. Social media is the best for communication abroad especially if you are not ready for hefty roaming charges. I always find my contacts via my social media accounts when mobile phones do not respond as fast when I urgently need them.

★ Based on the people you follow and the people who follow you. Always keep your twitter, facebook and Instagram family updated with the most relevant trending updates as you travel the world and meet new people.

★ Key learnings and observation. Note down and share your experience with the relevant people in need to learn more about your views and opinions on topics of interests, places etc.

★ New networks. As business cards exchange hands, always remember that it’s never enough to simply dish out your cards while creating networks. Create long lasting and sustainable relationships. It’s always easy to make business follow-ups with new networks with whom you have a relationship.

★ Fun Life. It’s never too cruel not to have some fun. Never try to find fun, create fun where none exists and just live your life.


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