Really SLUSH was the event to attend!!

I was fascinated by these young children I met at SLUSH2015 the “young entrepreneurs in Finland_ Pikkuyrittajat” who do graphics, baking and making jewelries. I was inspired by their zeal, innovations and marketing strategies they used to sell their unique products and learned a lot from them. Being at SLUSH2015 has increased my network, knowledge and experiences from other startups. Other people in SLUSH and different speakers on the stages which widened my understanding about entrepreneurship.2015-11-11 15.12.32-1Modesta’s  OurCries aroused lots of interest and she was also interviewed by a Finnish online TV.

Most of all, I learned a lot from my fellow Tanzanian delegates especially from those I shared a room with. They didn’t hesitate to talk to me whenever I was wrong and also share their experience. It was very encouraging, inspirational and motivational to me. I am another person NOW!







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