It was real great and life changing experience for me being one of the Slushers 2015 through TANZICT. As an entrepreneur learning new things is ongoing process, as the business grow the challenges also grow, so it is also vital to grow our skills and knowledge so that we can be able to cope with these dynamics.

hyasinthaHyasintha under huge disco ball at the Slush venue.

For me I regard slush as the best eye opener for start ups, starting from the Tanzanian delegates who joined the Slush 2015, I managed to network and understand clearly what made them different in running their businesses – not only that but also developing the close relationship which I would never have without Slush event.

Going back to the Slush event and UNICEF Global Innovation summit, it was inspiring to see how people around the globe never sleep, working constantly searching for innovative solutions which are cost effective, the confidence and desire to bring change was what differentiate them with other people in the World. I even asked myself if I really work hard enough to position my business to a place where it is supposed to be. Working hard does not only mean the sleepless nights that one has to take, but it also include how informed are we, how much did we prepare ourselves, do we have correct networks that have direct impact, the discipline in time management? Are we focused and always insisting on what we need? Are we ready to change some of our behaviors and attitudes that always hold us back? Slush has made me reflect on some of my personal qualities and even challenged me to adopt the useful ones so that I can be able to compete at the international level. Being a successful entrepreneur is more than having funds but it is a combination of personal skills, right networks and willingness to forego some of behaviors and attitudes.

Another thing was how they arranged their exhibition and branding, it was simple, easy to access and never tiring, I believe we Tanzanians do still have a chance to improve our national trade fairs/exhibitions and make it a place where people would love to be all day long.

hyasintha and italian ambassador

Ambassador of Italy Mr. Giorgio Visetti, Hyasintha and Mr. Mario Bartoli from the Embassy of Italy in Finland.

Above all I loved the Finnish sauna culture, I believe the sauna culture has a lot to do with Finnish leadership style of transparency and no hierarchy. For example during Vertical Accelerator’s training event, it was my first time in my life to sit next to an Ambassador just like any other person, no special care, no security, no special seat, not even a simple attention, we chatted and when I asked what do you do, he simply told me he is Ambassador. Of course, I was shocked and asked for a business card just to be sure I heard him clearly.

If I were to advice TANZICT, I would like to request them to advertise Slush application in many channels as possible so as to make many people aware of the opportunity and hence double the number of slushers next year. I believe exposure is the best and the simplest way to inspire and make people aggressive.


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