20160516_120213Group photo of Deputy Minister of MWTC with other dignitaries and TANZICT staff.

As one of the first policy-documents approved by President Magufuli’s Government, National ICT Policy was officially approved this week’s Monday 16TH May in Dodoma.

Finland’s long-term partnership with Tanzania is focused on three impact areas: good governance, ICT & innovations and forestry. The development of the Policy has been supported by TANZICT, Component 1, and it can be seen clearly that National ICT Policy has direct links to good governance and ICT & innovation. The access to information is a very important basic right for all citizens, ICT and new technologies open up the possibilities for advancing democratic development by e.g. increasing the accountability of the holders of public office.

Furthermore, the Policy highlights that ICT-development opens up new businesses and increases productivity. In Tanzania, the ICT industry has been growing at around 20% per year for the past few years and is contributing a great deal to Tanzania’s national development. According to the World Bank, Tanzania now has overtaken Kenya in terms of world’s most developed mobile banking services.  As the modern ICT infrastructure starts to be in place, one of the key challenges in Tanzania now is to develop local content. The important aspect of localization has been highlighted strongly on the Policy.

TANZICT congratulates Ministry of Works, Transportation and Communication, and hopes that the Policy works as a practical framework for strategies and operative development for the flourishing future of Tanzania!

National ICT Policy


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