Goodbye Jukka!

Hello everyone!

My contract in TANZICT is finishing at the end of this week and I’m travelling back to Finland. It has been a wonderful two years here in Tanzania, I’m sincerely happy and proud to have met so many of you through TANZICT, Buni (Innovation Space) and otherwise!

It’s time to say goodbye for now – though I hope it won’t be for good. We’ll hold a small farewell session at Buni / COSTECH on Wednesday afternoon 1pm this week (25th September), and you’re welcome to join.

At the same time we’ll welcome my successor Mr Iiro Kolehmainen who just arrived last week, and will take over my position in TANZICT.

Karibu sana!!



Social Media Training at Tanzania Youth Icon in Zanzibar

The first cross-living lab training was organized a couple of weeks ago, when Festo and Shabani from Kigamboni Community Center (KCC) travelled to Stone Town in Zanzibar to train the trainers of Tanzania Youth Icon (TAYI). The training took three days of which the first two days on social media and experience sharing (mindset) were conducted by KCC, and the last day covered life skills and HIV and was facilitated by the TAYI staff.

Arriving at Tanzania Youth Icon

Arriving at Tanzania Youth Icon

The first day was Friday – there were 25 participants and they were trained in the following: introduction to the internet, Google, Facebook, Twitter and blogging.

Festo (KCC) training

Festo (KCC) training

Here’s what Festo and Shabani covered:

Day 1


  • Search engine
  • Explaining the different tabs (pictures, YouTube, Maps, …)


  • Sign up
  • Send and receive messages
  • Chat and add friends
  • Video call


  • Blog, creates one and writes a post including text, a picture and a movie.

Day 2


  • Sign up
  • Write information about yourself
  • Add friends
  • Write a status update with a photo


  • Sign up
  • Post a tweet
  • Experience sharing (mindset) by using KCC work done.

Day 3

Life skills and HIV

Comments from Festo and Shabani about the training:
The training was very much useful and all the participants seemed very much excited to acquire the knowledge and they were so constructive asking if we can do it again with enough time. As trainers we comment that we believe program should be ongoing not only in Tanzania but in Africa as we know that African countries are the developing ones. The world is like a village because of the technology existing in the world especially Europe, Asia and America.

Participants and future trainers of Tanzania Youth Icon

Participants and future trainers of Tanzania Youth Icon

What do you think? Is it valuable to train Tanzanian youth and communities in the use of internet and social media tools?

Contribute to ITU’s Beyond 2015: Global Youth Summit

ITU has requested us to share and encourage your contribution to the ‘BYND 2015: Global Youth Summit’. Objective of the BYND 2015 is to mobilize youth to join forces and create solutions for social good, enabled through widespread access to information and communication technologies (ICTs). The main outcome of BYND2015 is a short policy statement which encapsulates the key issues and recommendations as identified by a worldwide youth community.

The process from collecting ideas and solutions from youth around the world is currently taking place online on a crowdsourcing platform where young people have been asked to identify what they see as the key challenges for the future and to propose solutions and ideas. In line with the Summit, the focus will be on how ICTs can contribute to socio-economic development as well as how young people can make a greater contribution to global policy. There are 10 main challenges that have been proposed, and already hundreds of great and well-written ideas on how to address them.

Contibute your ideas to the BYND 2015 challenges

Contibute your ideas to the BYND 2015 challenges

Right now we’re already approaching the last phase – polling and finalization – which spans the three days of the BYND2015 Summit, from 9-11 September. During this session, participants online will lead the online finalization and polling on solutions / priorities which will eventually be reflected in the Summit outcomes. Summit participants will be actively involved in the preparatory process, and have a responsibility to reach out to their communities to generate feedback and engagement.

Have a look at the challenges and proposed ideas – there could be gems also for Tanzanian context. You can also still propose your ideas, post comments to the ideas and vote for the ideas you like.

You can find more information about the summit on ITU’s website.

Pitch Training session proved useful once again

What’s the best (and only) way to practice your pitching skills? By pitching often and over and over again… A couple of weeks ago we realized with Mr Mulamula that it had been too long since the last pitch training session and it was time for a new one. So we organized a full pitch training day on Tuesday September 3rd together with DTBi, KINU and Buni.

1st round of pitch practise - click to see full gallery!

1st round of pitch practise – click to see full gallery!

We had around 25 participants from DTBi and Buni and we started the day by looking at examples from YouTube, analyzing them, going through a simple outline for the first one minute pitch and discussing some tips about the presentation. After only 20 minutes of preparation, everyone in the room had to pitch their idea or company in 1 minute using the following outline for the pitch:

  • Your name, title & company
  • What do you do?
  • What problem do you solve?
  • How do you do it better than others or how is your solution unique?
  • How do you make money?
  • What is your goal or vision?
  • If pitching to VCs: What’s in it for the investor?

All the pitches where timed and wolves howled the pitchers off the stage if they went overtime. However, on the first try, most participants actually finished before 60 seconds – it’s important to use all the time available to tell about your great product or service!

After the first round of practise we had Godfrey from Magilatech sharing his experiences on pitching at ITU conference, and the Tanzanian Pivot East 2013 finalists Delphics and GO Finance sharing their experience on pitching to investors at the competition. GO Finance ended up winning the Mobile Finance category – congratulations!

Additionally, Charles Matondane, Head of Value Added Services at Vodacom Tanzania, explained what to consider when pitching to mobile operators, and Mr Mulamula had prepared clips of Dragon’s Den for discussing how to pitch to investors.

Finally, we closed the day with the second round of pitches – this time everyone had up to 2 minutes of time for their pitch. Interestingly, some did better and some did worse on the second time around. All the pitchers were provided with personal feedback and we agreed that pitch practice sessions need to continue on regular basis.

Call for Applications for University Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration Trip to Finland, November 2013

As part of TANZICT’s Tanzania Innovation Program, the TaFinn Knowledge Exchange -program supports research- and knowledge-exchange trips for Tanzanian and Finnish academics, key stakeholders and ICT innovators.

In order to create new and develop existing connections between Finnish and Tanzanian universities, we are opening a Call for Applications for Tanzanian participants for a knowledge exchange and partnership-creation trip between Tanzanian and Finnish universities along areas relevant to TANZICT scheduled for November 2013.


The goal of the trip is to initiate partnerships and collaboration between Finnish and Tanzanian Universities. TANZICT will organize a small tour of relevant universities in Finland to enable the participants to have initial meetings and get to know each other. The participants can also organize their own meetings for some or part of the time, provided they get approval of that beforehand from the CTA. Focus areas for TANZICT are ICT, innovation, living labs and entrepreneurship – applications related to these will be prioritized.


Maximum of 10 participants in total, and maximum of 2 participants from one University. The Call for Applications is open to staff of all Tanzanian Universities, but preference will be given to existing partners of TANZICT and to those who can clearly articulate the desired areas of collaboration, and identify most potential partners (University, Department/Research group) from Finland in their application.

Expected outcomes:

  • Knowledge exchange will introduce Tanzanian universities to relevant academic programs, research projects and exchange opportunities in Finland.
  • Tanzanian universities are able to meet their counterparts in Finnish universities face-to-face to initiate new research, collaboration and exchange partnerships.
  • Tanzanian universities involved in the living labs will learn how living labs are developed and used in research by Finnish universities, also creating a base for collaboration between living lab initiatives.

Expected impact:

  • Established partnerships will create a basis for academic longer-term exchanges also funded by TaFinn.
  • Stronger collaboration links between Tanzania and Finland in ICT, innovation and living labs.


Trip is expected to take place in November 2013. Duration max 7 days. Call for Applications closes on September 5th 2013.


TaFinn will cover all acceptable travel expenses for all participants according to the Government of Finland Travel Regulations. TANZICT will organize the flights, hotels etc and all travel will be in Economy class. Travellers will be reponsible for making sure they have a valid passport. More detailed conditions will be communicated to the selected travellers.

UPDATE 9.9.2013 08.59: Application period closed and form removed.